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Why We Love Shopping (And You Should, Too!)

Submitted by HillaryAdmin on Thu, 23/07/2015 - 10:53

Whether it is doing the food shop, consuming a smoothie or buying the shirt that you have been eyeing up for the last month! Shopping is an integral part of daily life, with local shopping centres at the heart providing jobs, and a positive shopping experience to its customers. This is why we love shopping!

Love Shopping

‘Retail in Ireland employs over 275,000 people - that's almost 15% of the total jobs in Ireland.’ -Retail ireland. With the economy crash in 2008, Ireland has picked itself up and has worked hard to keep businesses going and create new jobs. No-one is saying that it has been easy and that we are out of it yet, but we are getting there. 

Retail therapy

Retail therapy is found to make you happy a study has found. Psychologists have indicated that there is a link between retail therapy and decreases in feeling of depression. Allowing yourself something nice at the shops apparently has a ‘lasting positive impact on mood’ and leaves ‘few if any negative emotional side-effects. Daily mail

As a retail outlet I know we are little biased but hey some one has to be! So go out and support your local shopping centres with your business today! You can check out our great Special Offers right here!

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